ICT4Peace Now Focusing on Cybersecurity

January 2, 2020


ICT4Peace is an organization founded in 2003 in collaboration with the Swiss Government that that focuses on how Information and Communication Technology (ICT) can “save lives and protect human dignity.” Their role is to assist local governments, international organizations, companies and non-state actors.  They believe that technology can be used to help with “crisis management, disaster risk reduction and peacebuilding”, for instance through early-warning systems

In 2007 they initiated an effort to promote peaceful use of cyberspace because they realized that ICTs were being used in malicious ways. Their idea is that ICTs can "provide immense opportunities for social and economic development," but only if we can create an "open, secure, stable and peaceful ICT environment." 

In order to achieve this, they are pursuing three objectives:  

  1. Helping states engage in international negotiations to enhance global cybersecurity;
  2. Enabling countries to secure their ICT infrastructure for economic and social development;
  3. Strengthening global ICT networks to ensure their peaceful use for economic and social development.

In their bi-monthly review, they describe how we can learn from cyber-attacks or cyber-incidents through workshops that bring civil society, industry, academia, and governments together. They have also participated in the Paris Peace Forum to promote their Call to Governments on Cyber and Operations and Critical Infrastructure. Signatories to this call commit to respect and promote the responsible use of ICT infrastructure and cyberspace.